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Heat Protection

  • MAPA TempDex 710

    MAPA TempDex 710

      High dexterity and thermal protection - used in ceramic, plastic and construction industries Thin, anatomically-shaped glove ensures dexterityExcellent abrasion resistance: longer lastingAvailable in vending machine packaging Specific featuresDot...

    £3.79 (Inc. VAT)
    £3.16 (Ex. VAT)
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  • MAPA Temp-Dex  720

    MAPA Temp-Dex 720

    Highly dexterous and resistance to cuts for optimised thermal protection - ideal for those working in rubber and mechanical industries Special nitrile grip coating facilitates work in moderately oily environmentsKnitted aramide fibres ensures protection...

    £12.55 (Inc. VAT)
    £10.46 (Ex. VAT)
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  • MAPA Temp-Tec  332 MAPA Temp-Tec  332

    MAPA Temp-Tec 332

    Effective thermal insulation and resistance to a wide range of chemical Multi-purpose chemical resistance (acids, aliphatic solvents) increased by the thickness of the material Excellent thermal insulation, due to double-knit cotton Good grip of wet or...

    £35.35 (Inc. VAT)
    £29.46 (Ex. VAT)
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  • MAPA Tempcook 476

    MAPA Tempcook 476

    Hygienic combined with effective thermal protection; 100% fluid-proof The white/cream colour coding meets the catering industry clothing standards Thermal protection up to 250°C* (* from 150°C, the product can get stiffer and color change may...

    £58.57 (Inc. VAT)
    £48.81 (Ex. VAT)
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